Modern Art of Networking in STEM Workplace

Networking is not just interrelating with people professionally, but it also fosters relationship and promotes growth among people in similar workspace.

It creates visibility.

Networking at a professional level gives you that visibility to showcase your expertise and improve yourself. It helps people to know more about you and how you can impact different people and organisation with your skills.


It also gives you an avenue for self-development as there are opportunities you will be unaware of if you don’t network.

Evaluating your Competence and Qualification

Maintaining a STEM network will help you to access your competence in the STEM workplace and evaluate your qualification. You will be able to build your competence and skills on the job via your network as well as build self confidence in your skill.

Opportunity to be Mentored and Mentor Others

Professional networking gives you an opportunity to share and impact knowledge to others and get impacted in turn. You can get career advice, upskilling and required support on your career tailored towards your skill via mentorship, knowledge, ideas and experience sharing will create ideal career opportunities, development and increase knowledge of current trends in your profession.

Open Professional Connections

Networking in STEM workplace opens you up to more job opportunities in relation to your skills, opens relevant professional connections and build professional relationship.

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