Pritika Sinha

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Principal Business Analyst

Location: Sydney Australia


Pritika Sinha is a seasoned leader with an exceptional track record of delivering strategic solutions and driving organizational success. With over 18 years of experience, Pritika is a trusted advisor known for her expertise in navigating complex technological landscapes, fostering innovation, and consistently delivering outstanding outcomes. Her journey combines a strong academic foundation in Computer Science engineering and an MBA in Strategy Management from the US, showcasing a unique blend of technical prowess and keen business acumen.

As a seasoned leader, Pritika Sinha brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, serving as a trusted guide for organizations seeking transformative solutions. Her deep understanding of industry trends, coupled with practical applications of emerging technologies, positions her as a strategic partner in helping clients achieve their business objectives.

Throughout her illustrious career, Pritika has successfully led cross-functional teams in designing and implementing transformative technology initiatives. Her ability to align business goals with technological solutions has consistently resulted in significant improvements in operational efficiency, cost reduction, and elevated customer experiences.

Pritika’s entrepreneurial spirit further sets her apart, as she founded and steered an e-commerce start-up in the apparel industry to national prominence within a short period. Her venture not only expanded the company’s reach but also drove it to profitability by the end of its third year of operation.

Across diverse domains, including product management, consulting, research, and software development, Pritika has accumulated valuable experience and honed a well-rounded skill set. Her leadership and client-centric approach have earned her a reputation for fostering collaborative relationships with stakeholders at all levels.

Outside the professional realm, Pritika’s passion for baking and commitment to maintaining a healthy work-life balance reflect her belief that creativity is enhanced through well-rounded personal experiences. Currently serving as the Principal Business Analyst and Chapter Lead at NSW Dept of Customer Service, Pritika leads a team of skilled business analysts, providing strategic guidance and mentorship. Her dedication to excellence, combined with the ability to align business objectives with technology solutions, continues to propel organizational growth and success under her leadership.


Principal Business Analyst / Chapter Lead @ NSW Department of Customer Service

Product Owner / Lead BA @ Nine

Senior Business Analyst @ Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Co-Founder of Cuddledoo

Senior Business Analyst @ Ambulance Victoria