Jen McCrea

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Founder Awesome You Academy| Global Peak Performance Facilitator| Leadership & Careers Coach| Awesome & Inspiring Humans podcast host

Location : Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Jen is a highly respected Careers & Leadership Coach, global peak performance facilitator, 2022 Mentor of the Year finalist, and the Founder of Awesome You Academy. Jen founded Awesome You Academy, with the purpose of inspiring and empowering women in Australia and globally, with proven tools and strategies to thrive in their careers, and ensure a more gender equal workplace.

Throughout Jen’s career, she has travelled to 25 countries across 6 continents for work purposes, and she has coached 3,000+ individuals and delivered 700+ professional development workshops globally. Jen’s experiences of hiring women in the STEM sector started when she moved to Australia in 2010, in a hiring capacity for the Tech sector across Asia-Pacific. Knowing what hiring managers across the industry are looking for in candidates and understanding the hiring process for different roles is highly valuable. Jen then moved to the university sector, becoming a careers consultant hosting the “Science Meets Industry” events, working with the Australian Defence Force, and developing industry relationships in both Engineering and Medicine.

Jen is a true champion of change, your biggest cheerleader and she really helps build your confidence, mindset and leadership capabilities. Jen is a huge advocate for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and has been speaking around the world on the topics of career education development, global leadership development, and international graduate recruitment. In more recent years, Jen has facilitated a number of leadership mentoring programs across NSW, and she is a guest lecturer at the University of New South Wales. Popular Awesome You Academy workshops include:

How to Change Careers & Thrive; How to Network Like a Pro; Effective Job Search Strategies; How to Make Your Resume Stand Out; How to Ace the Interview; How to Boost Your LinkedIn & Professional Brand; How to Negotiate Your Salary; How to Have Difficult Conversations; How to Ace Your Performance Review; How to Beat Procrastination; How to Manage Stress & Burnout; How to Cope with Change, How to Build Resilience, and Goal-Setting & Action Plans.


Founder | Executive Coach & Peak Performance Facilitator : awesome you academy · Full-time
Manager, Wellbeing & Campus Life : The University of Notre Dame Australia