• Experience Time
    2 Year
  • Qualification
    Master’s Degree

About Candidate

I am open to any new learning opportunities that will enable me to meet the essential criteria for a scientific research role or other entry-level careers. I have taken a long break, but I am actively searching for work or any programs that will enable me to upskill myself. I am highly interested in learning more about the use of  AI, as well as being given a chance to pursue leadership and management roles. I have also relevant experience in customer service due to the various retail positions I have worked in. I look forward to hearing from and meeting you if you have any advice or work opportunities for me.

Thanks, Leia


Bachelor of Biological Sciences 2014 - 2016
Murdoch Univeristy

Successfully completed, with outstanding results. I achieved a HD (high distinction) in fundamentals of chemistry and a D (distinction) in statistical data analysis. I also completed units in environmental science, biochemistry and microbiology.

Postgraduate certificate in plant biosecurity 2017
Murdoch University

Learning solutions and methods to control plant pests and diseases. The key objectives learnt during this course include: - Highly critical biosecurity plant pests and disease - Novel technologies to identify and survey plant infections - Community involvement strategies - International biosecurity treaties and responsibilities

Masters by research training (RMT) in Environmental biotechnology 2018 - 2020
Murdoch University

Successful completion of masters by research training (RMT) on “Microalgal cultivation to treat anaerobically digested domestic effluent (ADDE)” from Murdoch University, where I developed excellent scientific report writing skills. Accessible at https://researchrepository.murdoch.edu.au/id/eprint/59417/.

Work & Experience

Volunteer Lab Assistant July 7th, 2021 - August 5th, 2021

ULUU is a start-up biotechnology company based in Perth. The brand ULUU is also the name of the product the company is developing which is a biodegradable, climate-friendly plastic alternative derived from seaweed to combat plastic pollution. - Assisted the head scientist in conducting lab experiments, mainly focusing on data collection of the growth of microalgae and bacteria cultures. - Able to conduct literature research to find new knowledge that would add valuable insight to the challenges present in the process of creating biodegradable plastic derived from seaweed. - Communicated effectively with the ULUU founding team leader and researchers to establish a link between research and the startup's goals.

Part-time Waitstaff November 10th, 2021 - June 30th, 2023

- Consistently provided immaculate service 90% of the time to both customers and restaurant stakeholders by promptly resolving any issues. - Collaborated effectively with other team members enriching the dining experience for guests. - Thrived in a challenging, fast-paced environment; multi-task efficiently by simultaneously serving customers and performing my wait-staff duties. - Quickly learn my role as a waitstaff and perform my duties flawlessly.

Casual Team Member July 13th, 2023 - Still currently working

- Efficiently operated cashier and ensured 100% accuracy in processing transactions. - Engaged in face-to-face customer interactions while consistently remaining polite even when I dealt with tough customers. - Greeting people at the front door and informing customers of the location of specific Kmart items. - Willing to help my Kmart team members such as covering their door shift or serving customers at the register.