• Experience Time
    10 Year
  • Qualification
    Bachelor Degree

About Candidate

As a clinical instructor at the University of Sharjah for almost nine years, I applied my knowledge and skills in pharmacy, and pharmaceutical formulation to teach and mentor students, conduct research, and collaborate with other faculty members and industry partners. I contributed to the development and delivery of various courses and modules, as well as the design and implementation of laboratory experiments.

I am passionate about advancing the field of pharmacy and pharmacology through education, innovation, and quality. I have a strong track record of meeting deadlines, maintaining high work standards, and adapting to different work environments and challenges. I have also developed my sales skills through my previous role as a pharmacist at Boots Healthcare International, where I provided safe and effective service to customers and assisted the pharmacy operations. Additionally, I am the author of the Facebook page “Breakthrough Medical Studies and Pharmaceutical Developments – BMSPD”, where I share and discuss the latest findings and developments in the field.

I have completed a course in Customer Relationship Management via Salesforce and excited to applying my knowledge in the field.


B.Sc of Pharmacy 2009

-Dean’s Honor list for 8 semesters -Chancellor’s Honor list for 4 years

Work & Experience

Clinical Instructor Nov-2011 - April-2020
University of Sharjah

Team leader responsibilities: Training and onboarding clinical tutors, supervision of their work, load distribution and scheduling. -Teaching assistant roles. -Preparation of chemicals. -Standardization of undergraduate experiments results. -Supervising the Pharmaceutical Technology lab. -Tablet formulation and running Quality Control tests. - Liquid/topical dosage forms formulation and running correspondent tests. -Bioequivalence studies and analytical projects. -Purchasing duties. -Member of the Laboratory safety committee (Feb.-May/ 2013) - Microbiology lab work: preparation of sterile culture media, culturing bacteria, antibiotic susceptibility testing, etc.