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I am a dedicated Naval Architect and Marine Engineer with a passion for contributing to innovative solutions in the maritime industry.

With a solid educational foundation, I completed my B.Tech in Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture from the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India. To further enhance my knowledge, I am pursuing a Masters in Ocean Leadership from the University of Western Australia. As part of my academic journey, I was privileged to represent IIT Madras and India in a student exchange program at Instituto Superior Tecnico Lisbon, Portugal. This six-month program not only provided me with valuable insights into ship structures, systems reliability, and ship maneuvering but also afforded me a unique opportunity to work at the Port of Sines, Portugal.

My coursework and experience have honed my skills in data analysis, numerical modeling, marine robotics, and software proficiency (MatLab, AutoCAD, Excel, Python). I possess strong problem-solving abilities and excel in collaborative environments, leveraging my communication and teamwork skills to contribute effectively under pressure.

I am proud to have been a part of the design team for INS Vikrant, India’s indigenous aircraft carrier, as a Naval Architect at Cochin Shipyard Limited. My internship at the same institution further enriched my understanding of offshore engineering, and my experience at the Port of Sines exposed me to the complexities of maritime traffic control, navigation, and cargo handling.


Masters of Ocean Leadership 2023-2024
The University of Western Australia

I am pursuing masters of Ocean Leadership at the University of Western Australia with major focus on ship building and ocean data analysis.

Semester Exchange Program 2019- 2020
Instituto Superior Technico Lisbon, Portugal

During my undergraduate studies at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, I received the honour to represent the Indian Institute of Technology Madras and India at Instituto Superior Technico, Lisbon; an institute which adheres to the highest international standards and is ranked 11th in the ranking of European engineerschools. I went to IST Lisbon for a student exchange program for a period of 6 months from September 2019 to February 2020. I have completed research work in the following courses at Instituto Superior Technico Lisbon: • Analysis of Ship Structures • Systems Reliability and Maintainability • Ship Manoeuvring and Control

Bachelor of Technology in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering 2017-2021
Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India

Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering form an innovative branch of engineering that encompasses the comprehensive spectrum of marine vehicles and ocean systems. This field revolves around the intricacies of designing, constructing, operating, repairing, maintaining, and certifying marine vessels, including surface ships, submarines, and deep submersibles. This multidisciplinary discipline equips professionals with the expertise to undertake hydrodynamic analyses, ensuring the optimal design and secure operation of floating structures and compliant platforms. The meticulous design of marine systems hinges on a deep understanding of structural mechanics and materials. To this end, courses in marine materials and structural analysis play a pivotal role in the curriculum. Equipped with these insights, naval architects and ocean engineers ensure the resilient construction of vessels and offshore structures, ensuring their integrity and safety in diverse environments.

Work & Experience

Naval Architect Intern June 2023 - August 2023
Nobleseas Engineering Pty Ltd

I worked on two different projects of FPSOs using Ansys software to perform the finite element analysis of the assets. I was also responsible for preparing project reports and linkedIn posts for the company.

Naval Architect Intern Nov 2019 - Jan 2020
Porto De Recreio De Sines

I worked at Port of Sines with its world-class team of the leading ocean and marine engineers and gained industrial experience in professionally handling maritime traffic control, navigation, tug and mooring services, handling and storage of cargoes, waste reception services and maritime transport services.

Naval Architect Intern May 2019 - August 2019
Cochin Shipyard Limited

I completed certified internship training at India’s largest public sector shipyard, Cochin Shipyard Limited. I have gained professional working experience in the following departments: Design, Marketing, Infrastructure, Materials, Utilities and Maintenance, Ship Building, Inspection and Quality Control, Ship Repair, Planning and Production Control Departments. I also worked as a trainee naval architect on the INS Vikrant, India's first indigenous aircraft carrier.