• Experience Time
    2 Year
  • Qualification
    Master’s Degree

About Candidate

Hardworking and insightful Electrical Engineer able to break down, troubleshoot and resolve engineering problems. Offer solid backgroud in electical work focused on maximizing quality and reliability. Proficient in simulating and optimizing designs with electrical and software expertise. Looking for a suitable role to convert my experience and theoretical knowledge into greater output.


Master of advanced electrical engineer 2021
Monash University

Work & Experience

Net-Zero Engineer June 2022 - February 2023
Monash University

• Accumulated Monash's asset data from BAS and Archibus. • Site surveys for Asset's condition evaluation and defining building's criticality. • Haystack Data Model experience for data management and Identification. • Energy data Management from PME and Tridium, energy metering devices. • Application Development for Visualization of Monash Asset data using Appsheet and PowerApps. • Reading building's architectural and floor plans and adding AutoCAD files into PowerApps and Appsheet. • Using defined and electrical displines in VBIS for identification and nomenclature of asset. • Applied engineering expertise to resolve problems and meet future demands. • Analyzed current system performance and historical data to identify patterns and areas in need of improvement.

Software Developer September 2021 - June 2022

1) Analyze supplier websites and implement ETL scripts to extract and store the data into the company's database. 2) Evaluate product listings on marketplaces and improve e-store metrics. 3) Configure and integrate new products on the webstore and automate product listings on other marketplaces. 4) Manage day-to-day software vendor relationships (e.g. troubleshooting software, communicating feedback). 5) collaborate with Find sports' overseas team while delegating routine tasks and integrating the solution. 6) Research and implement new technologies to help the business grow further. 7) Inventory management using Web Scrapping in python and selenium. 8) Data management and wrangling using Pandas and Python. 9) Automation using selenium. 10) Product management on Neto (Maropost).