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We don’t just recruit, we connect. Search for jobs from ethical employers that are committed to diversity and inclusion of ALL women in STEM including women of  colour/CALD. You can also attend our careers fair or employability workshops to improve the visibility and attractiveness of your resume to employers. Here are some reasons our women love us:

✓ We believe diversity isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have!

We are women in STEM with lived experience of the problem we are tackling!

We are interested in STEM women growing to become leaders through our unique mentoring retention program.

Build a suitable STEM resume

An efficient resume should promote your abilities and include tangible accomplishments that are relevant to the job you apply for. You should also prepare a concise cover letter that elaborates on how you can put your skills to use in the organisation. Here are some tips you should have in mind when building your resume:

Have a clear summary or profile that highlights your expertise or objective

Locate keywords from the position description and include them in your resume and cover letter

Use active voice to amplify your tasks when listing your job experience

List your education background including any certifications and licenses

If you lack relevant experience, include projects from your previous studies and convert to experience to amplify your strengths and capabilities

Include your relevant and transferable skills

Include achievements, awards and recognitions. Add metrics and statistics to emphasize results.

If you are a STEM returner after a career break, have a sentence that explains the gap. Don’t worry, at iSTEM Co., we work with only ethical employers that understand that sometimes in life, we just need a break.

Use our unique resume-building tool, to create a professional resume in 15 minutes:

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